Monday, February 28, 2005

Hippie Conservatives?

I just read a great article that someone recommended on another site and I really identified with it. It so nice to know that I'm not the only Conservative Christian who buys (and is trying to grow) organic produce to make her own baby food:) The fact is I like food that still tastes like food and not the cardboard box it's been sitting in. I like things that are beautiful just for the sake of being beautiful. I like country living where you have your own little plot of land and neighbors know and help one another instead of nodding in the morning as they leave the subdivision. I like old homes and got genuinely upset when "they" paved the road to my Grandma's house. I can see the beauty in handmade and hand-me-down. I'm big into breastfeeding (ha - big being the opperative word!) and would've been big into homebirthing (although that ship has sailed for me now). I'm extremely interested in herbal medicine. All these things are not exactly normal in traditional conservative society:) But I think they make perfect sense for a Christian. God gave us this earth to live in and intended for us to be good stewards of it. To me that means making the best possible use of our resources. And I'm not being at all legalistic about it, but I think the way God designed things to work is the best way. God designed me to nurse my kids so I do and it's the best thing for them and for me. In general man-made falls pretty short. Yes, thanks to man, we have tomatoes in January. If you can call them tomatoes. But wait on God till June and he'll give you tomato perfection:)
Now as far as being a hippie goes - I'm not about to burn my bra, stop shaving, forego makeup, etc. I'm not rejecting traditional medicine or supermarkets (although Walmart SuperCenters really get on my nerves). But it seems to me that Christians and "hippies" should have a lot in common - even if it's just the common enemy of "new is better" and "chemicals for a better life" kind of thinking.


reverandswife said...

Oh my goodness, Shannon, you just described me!

reverandswife said...

Hey, Shannon, on the above, ignore that link. That is an old blog...I've not been there in ages. I'm at Blogger won't let me post using any other name. Holly

Shannon said...

I thought we probably had a lot in common:) How similar are you to the other people at your church? Would you say you fit right in or are they more "traditional"?

Kristen said...

Hee hee! I learn more about you every day, Holly! ;)

I share a lot of those things with you guys. Would share more if I were a mother--minus the homebirthing (though I DON'T condemn it!).

Sandra said...

I completely agree with you, Shannon, that stuff seems so in line with Christianity to me. I don't know, there just seems to be something more beautiful and pure about eating whole grains and natural sugar than all of this so-called "enriched" and high-fructose garbage. Especially when you actually learn what some of is does to our bodies. But it can be such an expensive way of life to go all organic. I kind of do it as much as I can.

I learned that from my mom. She always made homemade baby-food. I didn't eat any processed sugar until I was well into my toddler-hood. But at other times, we had chips in the cupboard, and soda in the fridge. I don't do that at least.

Shannon said...

The organic stuff is really expensive. I'm working on a tiny little garden plot this summer, but I have no idea what I'm doing. One thing I do is try to buy organic where it matters the most. Any thing with a thin or edible peeling. And I try to buy at the farmer's market or roadside stands. Even if they aren't totally organic - they're cheaper and have less chemicals because they don't have to travel so far. You get them sooner after harvest, too, so they hold on to more nutrients.
I've always been a sugar/carb/dairy addict, but I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy and there is nothing like knowing that coke or slice of pie might hurt your baby to get you eating better in a hurry. I've always tried to feed my kids better than what I was eating, but I'm learning with my oldest who's three that you have to practice what you preach. It's next to impossible to make him drink water when I'm drinking coke. So I guess concern for my kids' health is really improving mine:)