Thursday, February 24, 2005

Levi is addicted to candy!

He got a lot of candy for Valentine's Day. I mean a lot. From his Grandma and from his Granny and from his Dad (who also bought me some candy - still my valentine!). So I collected all the crack - I mean candy - and put it well out of reach so that I could dole it out slowly. I did let him indulge a little on Valentine's. I'm not scrooge or anything:) But after that I figured a couple of pieces a day until it was gone. I mean this is a kid who usually gets candy once a week or so at most. I thought he'd be thrilled with his two little chocolate hearts. Well he isn't. He wants it all and he wants it now. "I am hungry of that candy" is all I ever hear. And no that isn't a typo - we aren't sure why he says of instead of for. So what to do? Eat all the candy so I can honestly say that there isn't any more? Sounds like a plan!

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