Thursday, October 10, 2013

Soon I hope to sit down and write a nice long post about the past year and catch the blog up.  Add in everyone's birthday picture and introduce Baby Seth!  But for today I'm content to just get my feet wet again and write something.

We homeschool year round and our year officially started all the way back in May, but September was an excellent time to evaluate our plans and I did make some changes.  One change is that I added a course for myself!  Southern Literature.  I'm planning just two books a month and hopefully at least a short narration about each in my new notebook.  I just love a new notebook. 

I started with Cold Sassy Tree, which I'd read before.  It was a perfect opener - easy to read, but touching and sweet and very Southern.  I would highly recommend.

I already have a potential book list started, but the Georgia Literary Festival is coming up soon and I may wait to make a final list until after that.  Until then I think I'll read the books already on my shelves - some are new, some are old favorites. 
That should hold me for a little bit.