Monday, January 17, 2011

My birthday boys

Levi and Jack each had birthdays over the last month. Since it's a party year (we have parties for odd birthdays and experiences for even birthdays), we put together one party just before and one party just after Christmas.

Levi turned 9 and had a Survival Party. I hope to get some pictures soon off of Casey's camera. We had a big tent in the back yard, a campfire complete with extra large campfire marshmallows, and lots of great friends!

My little Jack turned five. He considers himself one of the big kids...not one of the little boys. Even though he and Christian are the same size.

Jack had an Animal Party ("with real animals, mom, not cartoons!")

I ran out of cake baking time and bought a simple undecorated cake from Walmart. A little blue and green frosting and a bunch of Jack's plastic animals made the cake fun.

And now to take a little time off from the birthday party circus until Brenna's birthday this summer!