Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Brenna's birthday

My girl turned seven this summer. I don't know why she is insisting on growing up so fast, but the past seven years seem to have flown by.
Since we had just finished our first read-through of all the Little House on the Prairie books, Brenna picked a Little House theme for her party - her gift to her mama. I love Little House on the Prairie:) We had so much fun preparing for the party. I know I will be kicking myself forever that I didn't get pictures!
For initations we printed out copies of this pretty picture and tucked them inside little notecards made from "old-fashioned" scrapbook paper. I still had tons left that I bought to make Brenna's dollhouse last year.

For favors, we made little aprons for all the girls and giant popcorn balls for everyone. The aprons were so cute, thanks to my sweet mother who sent me tons of adorable fabric. Enough so that I was also able to start a throw-sized quilt for Brenna and make a banner, both of which will go in her newly redecorated pioneer girl bedroom. The quilt wasn't finished in time for the party, but the top made a very cute tablecloth.

We had lemonade in little jelly jars and used Brenna's pink dreppression glass for the cake plate. It was just lovely.