Sunday, July 26, 2009

A brand new baby picture

Look at that little chubby cheek! At 32 weeks, I'm getting awfully ready to hold this little fella. Seeing him on the ultrasound actually makes my impatience worse. But we have six and a half weeks left - at the most - before the c-section and so much left to do! Hopefully that nesting urge will kick in soon because I do not want to go into labor with a messy house...again.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Visiting someone in the hospital

My granny had to be in the hospital last week so I wanted to take her some things to make her stay a little nicer. I'm hoping to make my own stay a little nicer in a few weeks, too, so any ideas are welcome! This is what I came up with.

The rooms themselves are always so sterile, it's nice to have some little luxuries around.

  • A nice pillowcase
  • colorful placemats for the bed tray
  • a small vase with flowers for the tray (large arrangements are wonderful, but too big to go next to your plate)
  • a subtle room or linen spray
  • maybe even a personal cd player with a cd of soothing sounds (my granny and I both love thunderstorm sounds)

Snack food is a good option, just keep in mind any dietary restrictions the patient might have. But even when the patient can't snack, the family members staying with them might appreciate a quick bite they can grab without leaving the room...

  • fresh fruit or veggies that won't be messy - grapes, baby carrots, or strawberries don't even leave a peel - in a resealable container
  • chocolate!
  • granola or cereal bars
  • cookies and a small jar of peanut butter (and a plastic knife)

Pampering products usually lift a person's spirits.

  • lotions (unscented unless you're pretty sure the patient will love the scent)
  • chapstick
  • super fluffy socks

Entertainment...there's only so much tv a person can watch!

  • playing cards (and offer to play a game while you visit)
  • beautiful magazines that don't require any deep thought
  • crossword puzzle books or even coloring books and crayons (not just for kids!)

And the thing I appreciate the most in hospital is good company!