Monday, February 07, 2011

Just trying to keep my head above water

Every so often it seems like we need a major overhaul around here. Littles grow fast and schedules change - overnight it seems! All this time I've been so frustrated because I would make up a schedule and we would stick with it for a month or two, but then it would all start to fall apart! What made it so bad was that I blamed myself for not having enough self-discipline to stick with it.
The truth is though, all the self-discipline in the world (not that I would know, mind you) is not going to make a 17 month old stick to a schedule you made for 12 month old. And much is going to do (adding Jack in more and more), a tiny garden to plan, pottytraining to begin (is there still no one I can hire to do this?) so some kind of routine is highly necessary.

So I'm working on a new routine with a lot more flexibility built in - taking into account that Christian has given up naps (waaaa!) and that Casey's work schedule is as crazy as ever. It's hard to think while the kids are with me, though. I can't maintain a train of thought while also cheering, answering, refereeing, teaching, admiring and shhhing. Hmmm, this may call for an all-nighter.