Sunday, February 13, 2005

Creating a "Perfect" Christian Home

I'm a little stressed. That's what happens when what I want to be (the perfect Christian wife, mother, homemaker, witness, etc.) comes face to face with what I am (often stubborn, sometimes cranky, killer-of-houseplants). With two sick babies these last few days I've fallen off the housekeeping wagon and, boy, can you tell it. I have a pretty good picture of how things "should" be - sort of a gospel according to Donna Reed - sparkling house, live plants, table set in anticipation of the gourmet meal on the stove, delicious homemade cookies in the cookie jar made with freshly milled wheat and raw honey - no evil white sugar in this perfect home! - all while wearing pearls and heels:) So is there something wrong with me if I actually like this picture? Even as I sit here amidst the cookie crumbs (which aren't my three year old's, by the way) and stacks of junk mail, I'm dreaming about the day when my little corner of God's creation will look more like this. Which keeps me going when my feet stick to the kitchen floor:)

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