Sunday, March 06, 2005

Vox Apologia - The Least of These

I've been so swamped that I didn't really think I was going to have time to write anything, but you know how it is when a thought pops into your head and won't leave you alone. So I'm just going to get this out of my head and into yours, then maybe I can get to sleep:)

Whatever we do for the least of these... Well, what are we doing for the smallest, most defenseless among us? The ones that certainly seem the least wanted and least appreciated. What are we doing for the unborn children of this world? We're standing by while they're murdered for being less than perfect, for coming at a bad time, for being too much work. And now, with a generation of girls born in the years since it became legal to kill your child before he or she is born, we're seeing a rise in the number of babies killed after they're born, too. And all the while we as Christians haven't done much at all to stop it. We say it's wrong (at least most of us go this far) and we might vote prolife. Some of us may even give our time and money to a pregnancy center or other anti-abortion organization. But how few of us are really out there living a prolife statement. Even within the church, we don't welcome the little children the way He does. Maybe the first child or the second, but what about the tenth? What about when the parents "can't afford the ones they have now"? And how may of us are preaching birthcontrol instead of self-control ? I wonder how God feels when we cast away the blessings he showering down on us? And if we truly will be judged by how we treated the least of these, isn't it time we acted like it?

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