Monday, March 21, 2005

Is this family insane or do we call this normal now?

With all the talk about simplicity around the bloggerhood, this article seems almost obscene. I can't even imagine this kind of life. Do people actually raise families this way? How are the children even coping on this little rest and what kind of relationships can they possibly have with one another when they never seem to just be together? This is a part of the reason that we've decided to have a one-income household and to homeschool. Although that alone won't do it. I know lots of stay-at-home moms who are actually stay-in-the-road moms. I really believe kids need downtime. I know I do! It is hard to buck the "both parents have to work" system that seems so ingrained these days, but it is so worth it! We wake up relaxed in the morning (unless baby girl has had a rough night!). We cook real breakfast and we dress in comfy play clothes (still working on this area for me) when we get ready to. Most days we don't go anywhere. If we do have to venture out it's for something we enjoy, like story time at the library or church, or something absolutely neccessary, like groceries. And we almost never have to be anywhere before 10 am. Not that we're without stress, of course. We have more than our fair share of the clutter that the article mentions. And my dh works long and hard to support us. But at least I have the time to stop and appreciate what he's doing for us. Our life is far from simple. We have our struggles, disagreements, time constraints, responsibilities, and little emergencies to juggle. But compared to the "average" that this article is talking about we might as well be Amish:) Just reading it made me tired!


Not Crunchy said...

Ugh...that WAS exhausting to read! It seems most people are just driven to do whatever everyone else around them is doing without ever stopping to think about why they are doing it. I don't think it's just an "L.A. thing" either - I observed this same behavior among my colleagues in Michigan. For some reason our culture values busy-ness more than enjoying life, and I think it is ridiculous.

Shannon said...

It is ridiculous. Everybody's running around trying to keep up with the Jones', including the Jones'. Somebody has to say "I don't care what the rest of the world is doing, I'm going to decide for myself what is best for my family." That's one thing that interested me right away about your blog. You mentioned taking time off to live life and I think that's a pretty bold move these days. It seems like there is pressure everywhere to do more and more. I'm already catching flack for not signing my three year old up for soccer this spring. He's three! If he really wanted to play soccer I MIGHT have considered it. But come on, how neccessary could it possibly be? Yeah, I don't think it's limited to the big city at all. As a matter of fact, some of the small town families I know almost act like their busy schedule is a thing to be proud of. As if they are so busy because they're too smart, too indespensible, to determined to suceed to ever take a break. It's just crazy.