Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Preschool-at-Home Update

Caution: Extreme parental boasting ahead. Proceed with caution:)

We finished up our five (or was it 6?) week unit on good books (see the Jan 22 post). It was a blast! We baked cookies to go along with one of the books with Levi's friend Ryan who comes over on Fridays. I let them lick the beater and you'd have thought I was handing Ryan a bomb or something. He looked at it and me like we came from outer space. When he finally took a lick, he was pleasantly surprised and helped Levi lick the bowl, too. (Yes I know, yucky germs and all that, but they're kids.) When I filled his mom in on what happend she knew what the problem with the beater was - Ryan had never seen one before because she doesn't bake. Ever. There are only store-bought cookies in this kid's future:) But I guess that's what Miss Shannon's is for:)
Anyway. Back to the schooling. We also did a really fun unit about trains, which Levi is fascinated by. He memorized a poem pretty much on his own - A Train Is A Dragon. And we went to see a real train.
But the best part over the last few weeks has been our Bible study. We've been using his story Bible and going through one story per week. And he is memorizing a verse every week to go with the story. I'm so excited at how quickly he can remember them and how well he remembers from one week to the next. I haven't given him rewards or bribes or anything like that because I haven't needed to - he just loves it. I am planning to do some recognition type stuff once he gets to, say, ten. But what thrills me the most is seeing how much of the stories he really comprehends. I guess I'm still a little in awe of the fact that I can actually teach him things. It's just incredible to watch him soak it all in:)
We're doing a unit now on families and next week we're starting an "all about me" unit (mostly because I want to make this adorable little all-about-me book that I found). After that...who knows. So far I've found way more ideas that I'll ever be able to squeeze in anyway, so I'm just sort of flying by the seat of my pants. I'll probably get a little more organized as I go. Let's hope anyway:)

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