Sunday, March 20, 2005

Brenna's on a nursing strike!

At nine months old (almost) Brenna already has quite a little personality. I've loving called her "high maintainence" since she was born. But she has suddenly decided not to nurse anymore and it's driving me crazy! She's allergic to milk projects so no regular old formula for my little princess. I'm praying that it's just something like new teeth or something I ate that she doesn't like the taste of, but I'm having to deal with the thought that she might just be weaning herself already. My baby is growing up, but I'm not ready!

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Shannon said...

Update: After hours of crying and refusing to nurse or eat last night, Brenna finally nodded off and I started some serious prayer. I was at my wit's end. But just as I said "amen" her little eyes peaked open and...she rolled over to nurse! I have an incredible God. Yes, she may have been just hungry enough, but even skeptics would have to admit to a pretty big concidence there. So I'm thankful this morning to have a happy little baby girl again.