Monday, March 07, 2005


This article just breaks my heart. I can't imagine that so many supposedly Christian parents have their priorities so completely out of whack. I'll admit I have a hard time remembering that an education isn't the end-all, be-all. But as a Christian how can I say that anything is more important than a personal relationship with Christ? If I'm concerned with the spiritual wellfair of a total stranger, how much more concern should I show for my own child? I thought this was very well written and he made an excellant point about not assuming we'll see different results with our "Christian" kids when we're using the same methods. I guess I just really feel like God is calling me to go against the grain in this world. We don't know very many people who homeschool or who really welcome all the children God sends their way. I never imagined that I'd be a "rebel" and I don't think I'm very good at it yet. I really dislike confrontation:) But articles like this remind me that even though I think I'm extremely traditional/conservative, I'm actually quite outside the norm these days.


Not Crunchy said...

When I read the article I wondered who is defined as a "born again Christian"? I feel like I was brought up in a church where people didn't really believe any of it - they were there to make connections.

I'll bet it does feel weird to be a "traditionalist outsider." Doesn't really make sense does it?

Shannon, it always brightens my day to read whatever you have written and whenever you post on my site. We have very different views on things, but I think you are a beautiful person.

Jeannine said...

Shannon, thanks for all the things you're writing about. The sharing of ideas and experiences about family, marriage, children etc. inspired one of my posts (Sharing wisdom over coffee). I'd love to have you come over and have a look.

Shannon said...

NC - I thought I understood the article to mean that the people defined themselves as "born again," which to me means that they've probably been to church and belief that God and Jesus are real and that the Bible is true. Obviously there's a world of difference between that and a true conversion experience.
And thank you so much for your sweet comments. I'm so glad that we've become friends even with our different outlooks.
Jeannine - Thanks for your comments, too. I did read your post and it was great! I left some comments over there for you.