Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Works for me Wednesday!

I thought I'd jump back on the WFMW bandwagon! I've learned soooo much over at the other Shannon's site - check it out!
So my tip for this week is ...plastic placemats for kids. I'm sure most moms already figured this out, but scrubbing the table after EVERY meal was getting old fast. The placemats are so easy to wipe down or just haul to the sink. And the kids loved picking their own at Walmart. For $1.88 it sure has made mealtimes easier!


Mama Duck said...

What a wonderful idea! Have a great Wednesday - our WFMW tip is up as well!

Eagles Wings said...

Walmart Here I come! Thanks for the tip! Blessings
Have a great Wednesday!

PastorMac's Ann said...

I hate hate hate wiping off the table after meals. I know, what's the big deal. Hey, I don't know. Just don't like that job.

Walmart is just minutes away. Thanks!

Judith said...

Hi - I also use plastic placemats in the kitchen cupboards where sauces and similar sticky things are kept - they are easier to wash.