Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Obedience and Weight Loss

Well, I haven't lost a pound this week. Five pounds all together but none this week. But that's not the real measure of success here. What I'm really concerned with is how I obeyed Him. So on that count how did I do? Well, not well enough. Never well enough. The exercise, the coconut oil and the coke didn't give me too much trouble, but I didn't reach my water goal even once. SO there's still room to improve. But I did learn one very important thing over the past week. Every time I was tempted to ignore what I knew I was supposed to do, the outcome depended entirely on whether or not I prayed. If I wanted a coke and prayed "Lord, I know that for my own well-being You've asked me to set this aside, but it's hard and I need your help" then I could put it down and walk away. If I thought about trying to lose weight as if that was my goal, it was all over but the drinking.:(


Anonymous said...

Well done you!! You had a successful week! I'm really proud of you. I, on the other hand, in the midst of produce putting-upping (that IS a word, right??) have opened up Coke on several occassions. SIGH (You're so right, if my brain isn't engaged, I'm done for!)

Keep on obeying, Mamacita!! :)
~ :@

Holly said...

All over but the drinking...that's too funny, Shannon. :)


I am JUST NOW beginning to truly exercise, to get back in shape after Ben's birth. (He's six months old!)

I've tried before, but just didn't have it in me. I felt weak, and I know that is a cycle perpetuating thing...and yet...couldn't get into it.

Now, it feels good, it feels like it is the right time. (Let's see if I stick with it! :) If I don't, my poor little muscles will be all sad and saggy. :)