Monday, August 28, 2006

Holy Home

How do we bring the Holy home? That's what andwe asked us as we started our bookclub today. (We're reading No Ordinary Home, btw, if anyone wants to join in.) It's also kind of what they're talking about over at Choosing Home so be sure you check that out this week. It's a topic that's really close to my heart. I want to have a home filled with His presence - I want people to feel Him when they walk in the door and I want to equip us to take Him to the rest of the world. But how does it look? What do we do?
Right from the beginning with Levi we've had daily prayer times. My dad always said our prayers with each of us at night and that's a really special memory of mine so I wanted to be sure and include that in our family. So every evening Casey and I pile all the kids on our bed to talk about the day and say our prayers. We start out teaching them to say "now I lay me" but also pray for people we know or specific situations that have come up in our talk. Levi is starting now to forego the "now I lay me" part and pray in his own voice. He amazed the people at church on back to school prayer night by praying outloud in front of everyone (and cracked everyone up by praying that God would help me make more milk for his little brother!).
We've recently started having a family prayer time in the mornings, too. Our days are so much smoother when we start off that way.
Another thing we do is have scripture all over the house. I'm still working on painting on the walls. I only have one verse painted on so far, the Train Up A Child verse in Levi's room. Complete with a train:) I have framed caligraphy all over the place though with scriptures from the "fruits of the spirit" to "choose you this day". I can't wait to paint even more - I'm especially looking for a good marriage one for our room, if anyone has any suggestions.
We're also both very careful to make sure that the kids see us reading our Bibles and hear us talking about our Bible study (even if it's over their heads). We want them to understand that reading the Word is a daily thing.
I've been thinking a lot lately about celebrating the Sabbath in a new way. We've always gone to church on Sundays and usually spend time either as a family or with our church family then, too. But I think I would like to do something more. So I hope to spend some time looking into that soon. I'm really excited to see what ideas other people are trying, too. You never know where a great idea is going to come form:)


Dawn C said...

I can't wait for you to get your own copy. If it doesn't come in the next day or so, let me know!!!! I've really enjoyed it a lot and I think you will find it to be a great ministry to your heart. Thanks for being willing to hang out and participate without it. You are da bomb!! : )

I'll be praying you can find a way to make Sabbath more meaningful. For me, it was SUCH a struggle to find that - I pray it won't be nearly so difficult for you.

(( )) ~d

Jen said...

hey shannon, I *just* saw that you posted over here and how many times have I scrolled through the comments at my place? LOL

I love what you're doing to train your children to talk to God. That sounds like such a great memory building time.

I am going to look at Print Artist which mamakay mentioned to see if it would be along the lines of what I'm looking for to get Scripture up. We aren't going to live here forever (not more than a year) so I would prefer to not paint these walls, though I would love to attempt it on my very own walls. :) I'd love to see a picture of the train up verse with train. :)

nighty night

Deborah said...


Nice post! Your home and kids sound lovely and fun! My 6 year old prayed with a group of kids at church the other week that God would give us another baby :) I was so impressed by that, and do hope God answers affirmatively!

I am so interested in painting scripture on my walls...but like your friend Jen said, thinking that we won't be here too long has stopped me. I suppose that since I don't really know the future I should just go ahead and do it!

You should post photos of your "train up a child" -- sounds super cute!

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