Monday, April 30, 2007

For moms of boys

Barbara Curtis had a great post not long ago on Raising Boys. Since she's raised several of them, I thought she might be a good person to ask for book recommendations. I've been looking for books we could read aloud to Levi that would encourage the character traits we're trying to instill in him - things like bravery, chivalry, morality. These things seem to be somewhat out of fashion with children's authors these days. But Barbara did me one better and went straight to a real live boy (well, he used to be a boy!), her son Zach. His list of recommendations is really good and there are lots more in the comments section, so be sure to check that out too.

Raising boys is especially on my mind lately since we just discovered we'll soon have three to raise! I'm in awe of the trust God's placed in us, but also so humbled at just how impossible it would be without Him.


Jeannine said...

Shannon, have you ever heard about "The dangerous book for boys" by Conn Iggulden? I saw it recommanded on some blog (maybe Carmon's?). The title may be deceiving, but it's about knots and outside adventures and battles etc. I think Amazon has it.
As I don't have boys (although I'd love to be a boys mom :)), that's the only suggestion I have ...

Shannon said...

That book sounds great. I had heard the title somewhere before but hadn't checked it out yet - it's going to have to go on my list:)