Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week 21

I finally hit week 21 today! That actually only leaves me a little over 17 weeks since we've officially scheduled a c-section for September 6 (my best friend's birthday! Hey, Betty!). Of course, this little fella is going to get here when he gets here. We had a schedule for Jack, too, but he made an early appearance. I'm hoping that doesn't happen this time, but I will be prepared ahead of time this fall instead of waiting until the last minute (you know, so I won't run out of stuff to do and get bored).
All that stuff in the pregnancy books about how morning sickness should be gone by week 12 or 14 or whatever...well, that doesn't apply to me. I'm still sick and probably will be for quite some time. The plus side is...honestly, I don't know what the plus side. There probably is one, but thinking about it makes me very cranky so let's move on.
Seeing the little guy on the sonogram last week has made me almost unbearably excited to get my hands on him! Y'all should've seen how cute! But since I was so sure we were having a girl (so much for my intuition this time around!), we hadn't given much thought at all to a boy name. We (I) had Mary Suzanna picked out for a girl, btw - Mary for my grandmother and Suzanna for my sister. I'm a little disappointed that I won't get to use that name this time around, but I don't think it's fair to name a little boy Mary so we'll have to think of something else:) We have a tradition of naming our kid's after someone in our family, but since we've used several last names for middle names we're running out of men who need a namesake. I'm also trying to give each one their own initial so names beginning with L, B or J are out unless we fall in love with a name and just have to change the rule. And we want a strong, masculine sounding name. It's become quite a trend around here to give little girls decidedly boy names (I know a James, a Micheal and a Emma Brock - all girls) and so many names have become quite either/or. The really "boy only" name list is shrinking fast so all ideas are welcome!
I guess we still have a little while to figure it out:)


talcatt said...

Caedmon... Pretty cool on Wikipedia... all about this Christian monk named Caedmon. I believe it's the reason behind the anme of the band, Caedmon's Call. And Caed for short sounds so handsome.

talcatt said...

Oops meant "name" of the band.

Shannon said...

I like Caedmon - it's going on the list:) Thanks!