Friday, May 18, 2007

Jack is FINALLY walking!

At 16 months we were starting to get a little worried. He could cruise as long as he was holding on to something, but he just wasn't ready to turn lose. What a great Mother's Day present, though! Maybe he was saving up....


Holly said...

Hey Shannon, it is very good to catch up with you again! I have prayed for you when the Lord brought you to mind. I know this has been a hard pregnancy for you.

Our kids don't walk early. I've had several that don't walk until 18 months. Ben learned at 14 months...that's pretty early around here. :)

Congrats, Jack! :)

Love to you -


Shannon said...

Thanks for the prayers, holly. I appreciate it so much. This has been a tough pregnancy - thank God I have these three other babies so I know how worthwhile it will be:)
My first two walked right around their birthday so I expecting Jack to, but he was so busy just growing right around then and getting the reflux under control. In the last few months he's really been catching up so I shouldn't have been surprised that walking took a little longer. He's figured it out now though!