Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a rough week

I'm finally at the halfway mark! This pregnancy has certainly had some ups and downs so far. I had a reprieve from the usual non-stop nausea for the first two months, but it's been steadily getting worse - last week was the worst yet! But I am finally keeping most fluids down (as long as it's not tea) and some food so that's really helping. The Braxton Hicks contractions, which started at week 15, have been quite painful and frequent. I wound up at the doctor's office yesterday just to make sure they were, in fact, Braxton Hick contractions and nothing else. I was so thankful for a perscription that I can take at home to stop them. I was really worried that a hospital stay would be in my immediate future. But, good news, the baby is just fine and dandy in there:) I have a sonogram scheduled for Friday and we're really hoping to be able to tell if we're expecting a girl or a boy. I will be thrilled either way, but I can't wait to know!

Also this week, my brother got some worrisome news. It's not something I'm able to talk about, but I would really appreciate your prayers for him. And for me - I'm having a very hard time not worrying about him.

We're having some issues at church, too. I'm not even sure how to explain it. I love this church and the people are very much family for us. But there seems to be a cloud hanging over us - that loving feeling is gone (almost). Part of me feels like this is similar to a marriage that is going through a rough patch and that we should hang in there and work it out. But part of me wants to call it quits!

All in all not my best week. This one has got to get better right? RIGHT?!


Maggie said...

I pray you are having a better week. I bet its movely slowly knowing you have a ultrasound coming up. I hope you get some great views!

Shannon said...

It does make time seem to stand still. This is harder than waiting for Christmas used to be!