Thursday, April 26, 2007

My BRAIN is lost!

After looking for three days, I finally thought to ask Casey if he had seen my steno book which I affectionately refer to as "my brain." I have a Homemaking Binder that stay at home, but my little steno book houses my (ever-growing) Master List - everything I need to remember to do. It's also where I keep shopping lists, books to check out of the library, notes form the books I'm get the idea. Casey asked when I had it last - at Walmart on Saturday - then he got that AHA! look followed immediately by the UH-OH! look. "I laid it on top of the car when we were buckling car seats. I must have left it up there." So my brain is somewhere between Walmart and home. Having done a lot (and I mean A LOT) of things like this in my life, I didn't give him a hard time. It won't be long before I lose or mess up something of his so hopefully I bought myself some brownie points:) I'm pretty sure I can recreate what I lost, but I am concerned about what kind of info might have been in that notebook. There weren't any last names or addresses or account numbers, but much of what I had written down was not intended for public consumption. There were several pages of notes on a book written for postpartum women, for example. Imagine the notes on leakage, engorgement and getting back into the *swing* of things. Someone out there (oh, Dear Lord, let it be someone I don't know!) is getting a good laugh.

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