Monday, July 31, 2006

Weight Loss Plans

I can't believe I'm going to post this, but I'm trying to give myself a lot of accountability here - no place to hide is actually what I'm going for. Most of you who know me in "real life" know that I have some weight to lose (thanks for not mentioning it!). And now that Jack is getting a little bigger (sigh), I'm getting in a big fat (yeah, I said it) hurry to get in shape. I don't want to continue down this road of being out of shape and out of breath and too big for the slide on the playground. But more than what I want, God's calling me to get this under control (only by His grace, of course), to be more disciplined across the board. So I'm jumping in.
Here are my goals for this week -
1. No coke - this one should be pretty easy. I actually quit about 2 weeks ago (and had a massive week-long headache!).
2. 8 cups of water a day - I'd like to drink more, but I think I'll work my way up from here.
3. 2 T coconut oil everyday. When I get a second I'll come back and add a link here. Coconut oil is supposed to be very good for supporting the thyroid and since I have thyroid issues, I'm going to try it.
4. Something raw at every meal.
5. 10 min of some kind of exercise every day. I know it's not much, but it's so much more than I'm doing now.
So that's it. Every Monday I'm going to note how I'm doing, so feel free to skip Mondays for those of you who love me for my wit and not my body :)


MicheleinNZ said...

I can't let a post like this go by with no comments! Very brave of you, Shannon. It sounds like you're on your way, with attainable goals. Take it one moment at a time. I find it challenging to balance thoughts like "Jesus loves me just the way I am" with "my body is a temple indwelled by the Holy Spirit. Shouldn't it be a healthy one?" Sigh. Well done.

Shannon said...

It is hard to find some balance. Thank you for your support, though! I'm hoping with enough transparency that my pride will be a motivator:)

Anonymous said...

:) Pride can only motivate you so far. The rest has to come from your understanding that this is just one more thing that you need grace for. :? (I keep thinking that there ought to be SOMETHING I can do outside of grace. I've found it - SIN. SIGH....) :)

I'm so proud of you - how can I serve you? What are you going to use for your 10 min workouts? Let me know how I can help, please.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe not. It's obvious since I can't remember to sign my own name that I am likely to be useless to you... 8?

Shannon said...

I totally knew it was you:) You hit the nail on the head about needing grace. Boy, it's like day 3 and already I'm way past what I can do by myself. It is going pretty well though. I'm falling down on the water and the exercise - although I've been dancing with the kids which I'm gonna count - my heartrate's up and that's something. Mostly I've been walking the floor with a teething baby every night (know anything about that, Dawn?) so I'm tired which is not very helpful. But I am still feeling the pull to get this done. And knowing that the pull is coming from Him is the biggest motivator really. This isn't just about me, what I want to look like or what I want to do. This is something He's telling me to do and so, with His help (who am I kidding? He's carrying me here) I obey.

Anonymous said...

"Shortly after I first planted Hope Chapel in 1987 we were visited by Pastor Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. (They both had been tortured for years in communist prison camps and are the godliest people I have ever known.) During their visit Sabina asked me how the church plant was going. I responded, saying that I believed I was in obedience to God to be in Sacramento planting the church, so anticipated that the church would be a success. For that statement she firmly rebuked me. She looked me in the eye and declared, “Obedience is the highest success!”"

They say it so much better than I. :)
AND I think I'm leaning toward floor walking as being the most difficult exercise to be done. (Especially if you're already exhausted when you start.) :)

((h)) Keep on keeping on, my friend, you ARE succeeding!!!!!

~D (Do I get extra points for remembering to sign this?!!) :D

Donna Boucher said...

You can do it!!!

So...have you been reading "The Maker's Diet?"

I know the author of that book highly supports coconut oil.

Happy losing!


Shannon said...

Donna, I haven't read it yet but I have it on my list. Thanks for the encouragement!

Dawn - That quote really screamed at me - glad I
m not the only one:) It's a theme with me lately, what God's really working on me about. Discipline and obedience. It's everywhere I turn!

Mary said...

My Dr. told me, to help my low thyroid problems, to avoid soy products. Just thought I would pass that on. :)

Shannon said...

Mary - That's helpful, thanks! Good think I'm not too fond of soy:)