Monday, July 03, 2006

The Two Jacks

I'm only going to leave this up for just a little while, but I wanted to share this picture with y'all of our Uncle Jack holding his namesake. This is one of my very favorite men in the universe - he's just everything I think a man should be. He has this incredible ability to make you feel like the most beautiful, cherished, precious woman in a room. There are so many things about him that I want to pass on to my boys - he's so caring and so protective and such a *man's man* - but never in a condesending or belittling way. He has such a strong wife and daughter and is so proud of both of them. Oh, I have tears in my eyes just trying to type this. I wanted to ask for your prayers because we may lose Uncle Jack soon to cancer. I just can't imagine the hole that would leave in the world. And how I hate the idea that my boys might grow up without listening to him tell a story and that Brenna won't know what it's like to hear him say "hello, darlin'." When we decided to name our first boy after Casey (and his dad and his grandfather), we already knew that we would want to name our next son (if God blessed us with two) after Uncle Jack and my daddy. We want our boys to know these great men and to feel a little of the weight of these great big shoes to fill. And we wanted these great men to know how much we love them. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Thanks for putting it up. (Do I know when to stop in or WHAT?!!) ;)

How can we be praying for Uncle Jack? Shannon, how can we be praying for YOU in the midst of this?

Love to you! We passed through this flame and water with my mom. I VERY much understand!

Shannon said...

Dawn - You are so sweet! My prayer is that he has the time he needs to say those things we never quite get around to saying and that he can be comfortable, physically. I know he's been in quite a bit of pain and yet doesn't want to spend his time with family and friends on such strong drugs that he can't really *be* with them. If you could pray for me that I'll be able to help his wife and daughter as they're dealing with all this - they are so precious to me. ANd also that I can be the help that Casey needs me to be. Uncle Jack has really been a stand-in dad for him and we're both really going to feel this huge loss. Casey is with him today and I'm beside myself wanting to be there, too. But this was the best way so I'm pouring my energy into prayer:) Thank you for checking in on me, Dawn!

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your Uncle Jack has cancer. I will offer up prayers for him and for your family. It's so hard when you loose a beloved uncle. I sure miss my Uncle that just passed away last month. :(