Sunday, April 10, 2005

A really great Sunday

I don't think I've mentioned on here before that my dear hubby and I have been having a hard time deciding where to go to church as of late. I was raised in a certain denomination and he was raised in another and since we got married we've always gone to mine, mostly because I was in church at the time and he wasn't. But now - Praise The Lord - He's really grown into a fabulous spiritual leader and God's growing him everyday. But about a year ago he started to want to go to a church in his old denomination because of one point (albeit a very important one) on which the two differ. Is any of this making any sense? The point itself is a big enough issue - we don't agree there, but he's the final say so. So if that were all there was to it, I'd be happy to go wherever he led. But (isn't there always a but?), I really love my church. Not the building, not the denomination. My church family - and that's exactly what it is to me - family. As a matter of fact some of our family does actually go there. And since my family is pretty far away, it's been especially hard for me to leave. But we've been going to a new church since January and I've just been praying (over and over!) - Your Will, not mine. But I'm finally starting to realize that I can stop trying to figure all this out. I can trust God to put us where He wants us. I need to stop looking at this from a "please God let my way be your way" and just focus on God - wherever I am. BTW, thanks Kristin:)
So anyway...This morning we went to our old church to see my nephews being baptized and I got to sit in on a wonderful Sunday School class that really spoke to me. And Baby Sissy sat on my lap and played quietly the whole time. And the message (which I got to hear because she sat so qietly) really was just what I've been praying about lately. And there was pleanty of time afterwards to catch up. And my brother-in-law decided to be baptised, too. And we all went out for lunch to celebrate. And the kids still behaved:) And my dear, darling hubby even volunteered to go back there for the evening service! It was just like a drink of cool water for me pretty much all day. Just what I needed. God is good!

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