Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Marriage Maintenance Guide

My darling hubby and I were having a big discussion today. We're in the midst of sort of reordering some things in our life. We've had a lot of changes over the past year: The church thing that I posted on awhile back, a new baby last summer (although we're pretty used to her by now!), shift change for hubby and a big surge in his second business (Praise God!). Now these are mostly good things, but they've caused some upheaval so we're trying to get everything back on track. Tonight's discussion was about all the things that we need to get done this weekend - maintainence on the house, car, and yard topped hubby's list. We wound up talking about how much we would love a "date night" some time soon. This led to a discussion about how marriage "maintainence" is just as important as maintaining the car, yard, and house. And it got me thinking...maybe we need maintainence guides to our marriages just like the ones that come with our cars.
Now of course the first, best guide to any relationship is the Bible. It really is a "how to" guide for life. And "marriage advice" is excellent - things like "wives submit to your own husbands"and"husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church." But what about the everyday stuff that makes a marriage run smoothly, like compliments, backrubs, dinners out, favorite desserts:) How do we make sure we're getting enough of that? Maybe I need a little light that comes on when I'm low on appreciation or hubby's check "engine:)" light could flash.
In the meantime, we're going to reinstate datenight even though for awhile they'll have to be at-home dates. And we're going to make sure and have a tuneup now and then. Even though we are absolutely totally committed to one another and to our family and to the vows we made to God - we've seen too many good marriages fall apart to take chances. I mean if you're blessed with a ferrarri (did I even spell that right?), you don't just drive it until it runs out of gas and then leave it by the road right?
And that concludes my car/marriage analogy:)

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