Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It's almost my birthday!

I'm going to be 29 (for the first time, I promise) in a few more days and people (well my dh and my mom, anyway) keep asking what I want for my birthday. Does anyone else think it's a little odd that I can't think of anything? I've either attained perfect contentment in my present circumstances or my brain isn't functioning at all on the little tiny amounts of sleep I'm getting (more about why sleep is so important and why I'm not getting enough of it later). So here's my question to all (5? 6?) of you:) - what would you ask for if it was your birthday? Bear in mind that a) money is always an object around here (although my mom does tend towards the generous side) and b) it has to be a pretty short list or dh gets irritable:) Shopping is not his thing. Sometimes that works in my favor, though - at Christmas he didn't want to go to the mall or Walmart so he went to the Christian bookstore in town and nearly bought them out:) He knows how I feel about books:) So... what would y'all ask for?

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