Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Wedding Shower

My aunt and I gave a wedding shower this weekend for my cousin Brandy. I love showers, but they're always more work than I remember. This one was very worth it, though. There were lots of guests and Brandy got lots of good gifts. I always remember how much Casey and I appreciated all the shower gifts we got. And when I think about starting out a brand new household now with everything getting so expensive so fast...well, I'm glad we could all help out a little.

And it was just so much fun to get to see everybody and visit. When I was growing up I loved going with my mom or Granny or Grandma to showers. It seems like women don't get together for things like that as often anymore - we're just all too busy and I think we've forgotten the value of these "girl's only" events. I think I've started Brenna off on the right foot, though. She had the best time yesterday at our girl's only party:) She helped and visited and had a ball (until a precious puppy made her temporarily lose her cool). It's all she's talked about today!
ed to add...
Since we're probably going to be giving another bridal shower in a few months, I'm going to post the menu here so that I can find it later on:)
Sandwiches - pimento cheese, chicken salad, and...?
Shrimp cocktail dip with crackers
Endive with herb cheese
PepperJack cheese straws
Chex mix
Brownie bites
Cheesecake dip with strawberries
Chips and dip
and Cake!
Strawberry punch (thanks, Melanie, for the recipe!), iced tea, and co-cola:)

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