Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm not going to count how many times I went through a drivethru last week. I'm not proud of it and frankly my memory isn't that good. Could the greasy burgers be clogging my brain?
Probably. And either way, it's just got to stop. It's not healthy, it's too expensive, it takes too long and requires using precious gasoline that could be used to take us somewhere fun...and I'm just sick and tired of rotating Zaxby's, Dairy Queen and Burger King.
So I'm working on a new plan...a binder (you saw that coming, didn't you?). Everything I need to plan meals in one handy place.
I started with a list of everything we like to eat for supper (I'll add breakfast and lunch in soon) and then I divided the list up into sections...beef, pork, chicken, pasta, etc. Then I printed a blank calendar and jotted down what kind of meals I need on which days. I need to have something in the crockpot on Wednesday so we can eat before church and Casey can eat when he wakes up. On Saturday we like to have a big family dinner with dessert. We like something fast and kid friendly on Fridays - sometimes I make something different and "grown up" so Casey and I can have supper together after the kids are in bed.
Then I started printing recipes for all the foods on our favorites list. I probably could've put this part off for awhile, but sometimes I get a little carried away. I put them all in the binder with tabs separating each section. Then I made a list of everything we already have in the freezer and cabinets and made a plan to actually use it. Five pounds of hamburger in the freezer? Fine. Flip to the beef section and see what's for supper (and what else to use all that hamburger for...).
Now, HOPEFULLY, I can get back on track with buying groceries and cooking at home. As one final motivational boost I'm planning things I *like* to cook for at least the first few days. Now I'm off to make a pretty cover and make sure my pearls and high heels match my apron:)

ed to add...the fabulous Other Shannon posted on the same thing today! Two Shannons on the same wavelength...hmm.

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