Monday, September 01, 2008

Library Day

Since Levi was a baby we've been going to the library on Tuesday mornings for Storytime. There've been lots of times when we didn't go for a few weeks, but for the most part it's been a pretty constant thing. Now that he's starting to outgrow it and we're getting so busy, it was tempting to find another time to run in and pick up the books I put on hold. But I really wanted the little kids to get to go to storytime, too, and I really want Levi to have time for browsing through the books so I settled on a trip to the library every other week (with occasional quick stops on errand days just to pick things up or turn things in). I'm planning to let Levi browse while I take the little ones into storytime when he gets completely bored in storytime, but that hasn't happened yet so we just go early to browse.

The second problem was that Levi wasn't really browsing - he went to the same sections every time (Transformers, Ninja Turtles, trains...not my idea of quality reading material) and I'd have to drag him to look at anything else. So when I saw this idea I knew it would be a perfect way to get him reading different things. I limited it to four 'required' books since I knew I'd already be picking out a pile to bring home and I added the call numbers to introduce that idea to him. I showed him where to find the number on the book and explained that if the call number fits between the numbers on his card, it counts for that section. He didn't quite get that until I explained that it just has to start with the same number, then the light bulb came on:)

I printed out the card using clip art and pasted it on a scrap of card stock, then laminated the whole thing with packing tape. I use that stuff for everything - it was on my school supply list:)
(ed to add - I hope the picture is legible. My camera is acting up again!)

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