Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ideas for the New Year

I don't do resolutions anymore. I'm finally old enough to realize that I have tendency to go overboard and, while I always manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat (thanks to my mom!) sometimes the stress of resolutions and deadlines is just more trouble than it's worth. So, while I've read all the articles on how to set goals (write it down! make it qualifiable! set a deadline!) that's just more than I feel like biting off right now. So instead I have...ideas. Thoughts. Things I'd like to think about and maybe get started on. Yeah, it's gonna be that kind of year:)
Idea number one - I want to lose weight this year. Now I've said that every year and every year I start a diet and fail. I'm not going to do that this year...instead I'm going to preform a little experiment. I'm giving up coke (stop laughing if you know me in real life! I said stop! Really, I mean it this time!). I'm just giving it up for a few weeks to see if I lose any weight. If I lose a couple of pounds without any other changes, I think that will be motivation to give it up for good - plus I'll be over the withdrawal symptoms so it should be easier. I give it up every time I get pregnant so I know it can be done! Once I'm over that hurdle I'll see what other steps I can take.
Idea number 2 - getting a fresh handle on our budget. Making a budget is never a problem for us, it's figuring out the practical day-to-day how to make it work that gives us fits. Do we use the envelope system? The in-house checking account system? The cash-only system? We need something that doesn't fall apart the first time I buy something online and that prevents Casey from stopping in for milk and coming outwith a cartful - you know, cause he's the only one that does that;)
Idea number 3 - homeschool. We've been chugging along in kindergarten this year. Levi's reading well and he's learning every day. The problem is I haven't been very organized about it so far. We have days where we get a lot done and days where we don't do much of anything and I've been fine with that. But I'm feeling not so fine with it lately, mainly because he needs more of a challenge and because I know we're going to need much more structure as we get into "big kid" stuff. So I want to start setting aside some time to prep every week. There are so many wonderful things to do and learn about! I've gotten so much inspiration from Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight. I've even taken her fabulous filing crate system and made it my own.
My last (for now) idea...getting more "religion" in our lives. I know how that sounds and y'all will have to understand that I don't mean we need "religion" in a pharisee-like way as if that's what saves us. What I mean is that over this last year we have really enjoyed Christmas and Easter much more because of our focus on Him - the religious traditions (like the Adornaments and Easter Tree) that teach us and points us to Him have added so much to our holidays. I'd like to start observing more of the traditions of my faith, not in a legalistic way but in a what a privilege kind of way. I'm especially thinking about the Sabbath and about teaching the kids to worship. Also, I want to get more involved at church this year. I've really pulled back over the last few years since Brenna was born - it was absolutely necessary, too! But I really miss it so I'm looking for new ways to be involved that don't mean abandoning my family responsibilities.
So...lots of exciting stuff to think about. Almost too much for my tired mind to process right now. Especially when I have a grocery list to make and extra blankets to find (it's finally good and cold here, y'all!). I guess I'll reread this in the morning so I can remember what I'm supposed to be thinking about:)


Marianna said...

Linked over from a comment you left at Dawn's. Anyway, just wanted to say I gave up Coke about 5 years ago and immediately lost 10 pounds. Like you I thought I would never be able to give it up...but it was much easier than I thought. Saved tons of money too!

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marianna! I'm hoping to be over the worst of this withdrawl (boy that stuff really is a drug!) in another day or two:)