Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Best Funeral I've Ever Been To...

We lost my Aunt Ef this week. I would say that she was my favorite aunt, but I actually have several favorite aunts (some of whom may read this!). She was very high on my list. She died very suddenly in a car accident, just a year and a half after my Uncle Jack. Yesterday would've been his birthday and I think maybe Jesus called her Home to be his birthday present. Her funeral this afternoon was soo...her. There was lots of laughter through tears (her favorite emotion - and a line from a favorite movie). There were lollipops. There was a big old purdy grapevine wreath she would have loved. There were lots of family and friends telling stories about her. And there were some good stories y'all. This was a woman someone should write a book about. As my hubby said..."she wasn't the life of the party, she WAS the party."
We're all supposed to think of some things that will remind us of Aunt Ef - her daughter read quite a list. Here's mine...
  • a red hat
  • a toe ring
  • sunglasses on the top of someone's head
  • flipflops
  • a buffet

I went on several "sister trips" with her, my granny and two more aunties to the mountains. I don't think I can really describe these trips - let's just say they were full of yard sales, flea markets, 2-hour feedings, apple barns, boiled peanuts (which we snacked on between the two hour feedings), and laughing - the pee-your-pants kind of laughing. And I got quite an education on those trips. Actually, I got to thinking last night about all the things I learned from my Aunt Ef.

Play with your husband, have fun together always. A lady should always have a hankerchief. A glue gun covers a multitude of sins. If someone comes to your house they must eat. If your fixing them something to eat, make it fancy and delicious. If they try to leave, beg them to spend the night like nothing would make you happier. If you succeed in getting them to stay, get up real early to make a big old breakfast for everybody. Anything you really need you can find at a yardsale. If you find something you like, pick it up and carry it with you until you decide if you want it. And go on and buy it, because you'll kick yourself later if you don't. Pretty always helps. Fat may be the truth, but just say fluffy. Don't neglect your girlfriends! Kiss and hug hard - like you mean it. Never be too embarrassed to have fun - and tell the story when you're through.

She was amazing and I was blessed to have her for an aunt. I will miss her so much, always. I'm off to put on my biggest & gawdiest earrings, prop up my freshly painted toenails and drink a margarita in rememberence:) I love you, Aunt Ef.


Sarah said...

She sounds like she was an amazing woman. What a blessing to have learned so much from her.

I'm sorry for your loss but excited for you that you'll see her again!

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Sarah - Thank you. I had a rough night last night and I needed the reminder that this seperation isn't permanent:)