Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where did my positive outlook go?

I'm generally a "try to see the good" kind of person. But four to five to six months after I have a baby I lose it a little. Or a lot depending on time of day, depth of mess. Some days are better than others. I'm not so much depressed as just discouraged and overwhelmed. And tired. Of course much of it's hormones...I get that. But also this is just hard. Four kids is hard. Four kids when the oldest is just six is HARD. Just when I need a a positive outlook the most, it's no where to be found. So here it is, my search for a better attitude.

  • Yes, my kitchen is a disaster area. But a yummy supper is all cooked and the dishes in the dishwasher are clean.
  • I look a mess, but I did get a shower this morning.
  • We're not going to make it to church tonight, but the new kids class doesn't start until next week (and I'm sure I'll have it all together by then, hahahahaha).
  • Christian seems to want to nurse all.the.time...but he doesn't seem to have any of the reflux problems Jack had.

Some how I just know things will look better when bedtime rolls around:)


Maggie said...

Oh Shannon, I can only imagine. I am wiped out and I only have one little right now. Do you happen to belong to momys?

My little one has been fussy for 3 days on top of wanting to eat constantly and honestly my kitchen is usually a mess :)

Shannon@Idylwild said...

MOMYS is a lifesaver! I was a read-only member when Jack was born, but I officially qualify now. My mom teased that I just had four kids so I could be in the club:)