Monday, March 05, 2007

Beginning our Easter Celebration

This is what we've been up to this morning - making ornaments for our Easter tree. I first read about an Easter tree in the book No Ordinary Home which is wonderful, btw. We are doing a simplified version this year (this isn't quite all of the ornaments - I was interrupted before I could finish the empty tomb and the marriage supper) and I hope to add in new stories every year until we're eventually doing a story a day all through Lent.
God has really blessed me this year as I've searched for ways to really teach my kids about Him. I've found wonderful ideas everywhere for traditions that really point us towards God - now it's just a matter of taking a few of them and making them personal for us. I'm so so SO excited about Easter this year - I hope y'all are, too!


dawn c said...

These are SO cool. Will you make some for me too? You could turn this into a business. :)

Shannon said...

I would love to! The kids and I had a ball!

Holly said...

Those are great Shannon!

How are you, btw?

Shannon said...

Thank, Holly! I'm doing fine (pretty much!) - I need to post an update on here soon!