Wednesday, October 11, 2006

MOnday check in on Wednesday

It has been a pretty busy week, but I thought I'd post a check-in anyway. Better late than never, right? This last week and a half has been...rough. And of course I know why - I've been busy and let that squeeze out my time with Him. Knowing I need it, knowing I can't do this without His constant help. SO I'm not surprised that it's been hard to give up reading while I eat. I mean this is a lifelong habit, literally, and it's something that part of me does not WANT to give up. I know I need to and I know that the reward will far out-weigh the loss, but part of me is still as stubborn little girl stomping my foot and howling "I DON"T WANT TO!" My Father is teaching me self-control - I just wish I was a faster learner.


Dawn C said...

Hey, we must be related - a foot stomping, slow learner. Yep, that's me. :?

Still praying my dear!! (I think Father just LOVES to have our weaknesses overtake us - keeps us fully yoked to His strength and enabling.)

Jen said...

up in the night ... stopped by to say I am praying.

The conference I attended this weekend with Martha Peace was great. One of her illustrations just came to mind so I will share.

Rivulets are formed by water running down hill. As more rain falls, the rivulets will deepen as the water is channeled down the already carved out spaces. Martha equated our thoughts to the rain and our brains to the rivulets... our habit of thought and in turn our action will continue to flow down the same rivulets unless we train our mind otherwise. It is in part a matter of disciplining our thinking. Forming new rivulets and new thoughts to traverse the new ground is going against the natural flow of things and is difficult.

Again, I am praying for you, dear! hope your playgroup is a hit!

Shannon said...

Jen - What a great analogy. I am very much having to retrain myself - thoughts and actions. And it is so hard that I quite literally can't do it on my own. He has to help me through it - my own personal miracle:)

Dawn C said...

:) Your own personal exodus, in fact. :)

thereverandswife said...

Hey Shannon - just stopping by to say hello! :)

sink sink socks said...
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