Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things I Love About Being (Very) Pregnant

By this point in pregnancy (34 weeks) I'm quite miserable most of the time:) Since I'm only 5'2", the baby doesn't have much of anywhere to go except up into my rib cage and straight out in front of me. And I've got a sinus infection. And there are the Braxton Hicks contractions:( Etc. But I'm also well aware that this baby will be making his entrance pretty soon and I will miss being pregnant (strange as that seems to me now!). So I thought I'd list some of the things I really enjoy about being pregnant and spend some extra time over these next few weeks celebrating them.
1. Feeling the babywiggle and squirm inside me. It's so fascinating to feel this whole other person with his own arms and legs that he can move all by himself (sometimes when you least expect it) INSIDE ME! I'm already getting little clues about his personality - he seems more laid back most of the time, but when I sit down he comes to life!
2. When he gets the hiccups. I remember with Levi and Brenna being just overcome with emotion the first time that they got the hiccups after they were born. It was such a tangible reminder that just hours ago they'd been inside me.
3. I love the attention. Okay, I admit it. I like having people make just a little fuss over me - not too much, just an extra phone call or a seat in a crowd. I think it's a shame that a lot of those little courtesies have fallen to the wayside.
4. I love how thick my hair gets. And shiny:)
5. I love the instant camraderie with other pregnant women - even strangers.
6. I love planning for and daydreaming about the baby. What will he look like? Will these tiny baby clothes really fit? Levi and I had so much fun yesterday dragging out all the newborn clothes and washing them. He loved hearing about when he was that little and talking about the baby.
7. I love how excited Levi is. I'm not all together sure how much Brenna really understands yet (although she does like to kiss my belly), but Levi is so excited about *his* baby. He also is under the impression that he picked the baby's name, which is the very first secret he's ever kept. We're not arguing with him since he picked the same name we picked:)
8. I love the excuse to nap without guilt. I'm growing a human here!
9. It's such a great time to share what a blessing children are. Without a word (which is often just an invitation for people to argue with us), everyone can see that we want children just because we're happy about being pregnant.
10. Honestly - I like maternity clothes:) All clothes should have a nice stretchy waistband:)


Holly said...

Oh Shannon, I don't think I would have had a positive enough outlook to write a post like this! Bless you. :) I don't generally enjoy being pregnant...but I HAVE learned to be SO thankful for this little one. I don't think I've begrudged a minute of this pregnancy...instead, I've tried to be thankful for this little life.

I agree with the personality...I think my little one will be quite unassuming and gentle. He or she tries so hard to not be a bother, I can already tell. I'm so eager to hold this child.

And hey, I've got to agree with you on maternity clothes. It makes using the bathroom SO quick! Love stretch pants! :)

(Actually, can't wait to wear jeans that fit again. :)

Shannon said...

Holly - I'm with you on the jeans! I have really struggled with negative thoughts during each of my pregnancies. I want to just love it, but the truth is if babies could come by Federal Express, I could go for that:) Dwelling on the good things (and asking God to really show me the good things) has helped so much. So has meeting you and others that have the same hardships and yet can find the joy of serving God this way!

Holly said...

Hmmm...Federal Express. I'd be glad to pay shipping for that! Maybe we can talk to God about that....:)