Friday, December 30, 2005

I drank a coke today

Since I have insulin issues while I'm pregnant (and really the rest of the time, too), I really watch my sugar intake very carefully. I completely swear off coca cola while I'm expecting, even though I love, love, love it. So when my husband brought some home last night I knew there was gonna be trouble. He bought it to take to a cookout at a friend's house, but the friend already had plenty to drink. So he brought it home. I guess I understand. I mean, what was he supposed to do - throw it away? I kid you not - I literally laid in bed last night thinking about that coke. So I had a glass this morning and... it was good. Hubby's working on getting the rest of it out of the house for me, but I think I feel my willpower coming back anyway, so I should be fine. But I'm pretty amazed that after months of not drinking the stuff I could still be that addicted!


Kristen said...

BAD Shannon! BAD!! ;-)

Just kidding. I'm glad you didn't go into a diabetic coma or anything. Those Coke cravings can be fierce!

Anonymous said...


Molly (from CH)

Shannon said...

"Molly (from CH)"
as if I wouldn't know which Molly:)

Kristen - It must be a Georgia girl thing, but I love my coke!