Monday, December 12, 2005

Boy what a weekend...

Levi had a great birthday. Four years old! We took him and his cousin to Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday. That's a whole post in and of itself. A zillion kids, all the coke they want, a confined space... Levi and Noah had a good time though and that's what we were aiming for:) Brenna really liked the toddler area, but the rest of it was a little overwhelming.
We had ice cream cake at home and a birthday party the next morning at Sunday School with cupcakes for all the kids. I was afraid I'd be cheating him some how by not having a regular birthday party at home, but it turned out fine. He was excited about getting to do something different and it was a lot easier on me. Which turned out to be a good thing since I had Braxton Hicks contractions all day Sunday. I was miserable! If I hear one more person say that they aren't supposed to hurt, I may snap my twig! I was actually really nervous since I have 6 1/2 weeks left until d-day and words like "under-developed lungs" and "NICU" kept running through my mind. I know that God is in control of this little guys life - including his birthday - but I can't help but want him to be fully "cooked." Although I will admit to being a tad impaitient to get him out here:)
In the meantime, Lydia has written a fabulous post on homemaking and the kitchen over at Choosing Home. I'm so inspired to get my kitchen in order! So today I'm cleaning out cabinets and the fridge and freezer - now that the remnants of the ice cream cake are out of the way (hubby and Levi finished them off for breakfast - how's that for healthy?). I may even get around to baking a few dozen nice healthy muffins for the freezer. Breakfast in the freezer - it's a good thing:)


crickl's nest said...

Hi Shannon..I found your blog over at the CH forums. I love your stories.

I just wanted to careful of those Braxton Hicks contractions. The dr put me on 'off my feet' orders because I was having them bad like you were saying at about the same time as you are. All that kitchen stuff will need to rest! =) You can tell anyone who questions you that I gave you permission.

God bless,

Shannon said...

Christie - I hat etoconfess this because it sounds awful, but that is exactly why I haven't called my doctor:( I'm afraid he'll put me on bedrest and I have so much to do! That's really terrible. You're right I do need to take it a lot easier - that's one of my worst traits, I don't want to admit I can't do everything!
I'm so glad you found your way over here. I think I will take more breaks and if anyone looks at me funny I'll tell them "Christie said to!"

molly said...

I understand, Shannon, PERFECTLY. You want the little one to develop properly...but there's just so much to do!!!!
Just lay low and don't beat yourself up for it. Baby breathing properly is worth a messy house for a few weeks. (though I know that's easy to tell someone else and hard to obey for yourself--ask me how I know--lol)...

I can't wait till the "big day!"

Shannon said...

Molly - Thanks for the encouragement! I am taking it easier - and I did check in with the doctor. His advice was more helpful than I expected. He suggested taking a 10 - 15 min break every hour to keep from starting the contractions up in the first place so I don't wind up spending whole days in the bed:) So far it seems to be working! I can't wait, too!