Saturday, June 11, 2005

An Organizational Frenzy

I've been working on getting my house in shape for a couple of weeks now - slowly but surely. I guess it's a little bit of spring fever that's got me in the mood for cleaning and organizing. I know, it seems late for spring fever, but I started out the spring just working outside. We just bought this house last year and since last summer was busy what with adding to our family and all, the yard didn't get very much attention. So we started the spring with a yard full of red Georgia clay (which I love, just not in my yard) and a few sprigs of grass. Plus, of course, the standard three boxwood bushes that the buildersput in every yard. So we got rid of those and a lot of undergrowth in the our woods - now you can walk through them! And we planted grass and a flower bed (complete with stone wall) in front of the house. We did a lot of filling in with peagravel to cover some not so attractive places. We've planted 22 baby trees on the property - including two pecan trees! I l0ve pecan trees because my Grandma has a yard full of them. And for Mother's Day my hubby planted a pile of pink abnd white azaelas (by a pile I mean about 40) on this little hill that we weren't sure what to do with. He's so sweet.
This is supposed to be all about what I'm trying to accomplish inside though. I've managed to get everything spic and span so I have a good starting spot. Now I need to get some systems in place so it doesn't get messy (or at least not out of control) again. My first oragnizational feat is going to be my craft/sewing supplies. Right now they're piled in two big rubbermaid tubs so of course I have no idea what I have and what I don't. Plus they're all the way downstairs in the storage closet so if I have even a little project to do it's a lot of trouble. I also just got my first new sewing machine (I'd been trying to make my Granny's 70's model work) so I want to set up a sewing area. I have lots of projects in mind and I can't wait to get started. Also I thought I'd start with something fun to motivate me because my next project is laundry:( There has to be a way to keep laundry for 4 people caught up without piles on the floor or "delicate" dresses that never get worn because they need handwashing. Any ideas are welcome! After I get those projects finished, I'm planning on trying Once a Month Cooking. Evenings are often crazy around here - especially in the summer since we tend to be gone or outside so much, so I'm looking forward to getting supper under control.
In the meantime, we have a busy day ahead so I'd better get off the computer. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog the other day because there was a link from another website (I think) and I've been really enjoying reading the archives! Have you managed to tackle the laundry? Have you found having another baby makes a big difference? We have two little girls, nearly two and a half and another that is nearly 6 months. I find that the two year old actually makes more washing because we're trying to potty train her (not very successfully I feel, but that's a whole other issue!)