Monday, June 27, 2005

10 Great Reasons To Have Another Child

I just have to link to this great post. These are fabulous reasons. But I am often reminded these days that God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. He expects us to obey His commands whether we understand and agree with them or not. And if children are blessings from Him (and the Bible states that plainly), then why are we turning them away? Sure, bringing them into the world or caring for them when they get here isn't always easy, but if God says they're a blessing then they are! There are lots of other blessings that don't come easy - health, wealth, friendships and relationships - but we believe these gifts from God are worth our hard work, so we don't complain. When's the last time you heard someone say "Please don't send me anymore money, God, I don't have time to invest all I've got now"? But when it comes to children, we've been infected by the world's outlook. The outlook that says children are not worth the trouble. That they just "get in the way" of our self-fulfillment. That they require too much self-sacrifice. Sure most people still think one or two is okay - as long as you can "afford them" and as long as they're healthy and cute. I mean, you can put them in daycare so they don't interfere too much with your other plans. But this isn't the kind of life God calls us to, is it? Doesn't God call us to DIE to self? And how great is the reward! My children have blessed me and stretched me and caused me to grow in ways I can't even begin to enumerate. So the bottom line for me is always going to be - do it God's way.

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