Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Grandmother

This isn't what I planned to post today at all, but sometimes I get a thought in my head that won't go away until I get it out so ... We just found out that my grandma will have to have a heart catherization done on Tuesday and the doctor is fairly certain that they "will find something" so they'll probably do heart surgery (or the balloon thing) then too.
I'm not usually much of a worrier. I really try to leave it God's hands and I usually have a peace about things. Even loved ones who have died - I grieve of course but take heart knowing that I'll see most of them again. And that would certainly be the case with my grandmother - I've never known a woman more in love with God. But this time I'm really worried. Not only at the thought of loosing her, but just at the idea that she's sick. I'm so used to her being so fit and active - she's a pretty young great-grandmother, 66. She babysat my wild children last week for cryin' out loud. I guess it's just the idea of losing a real rock in my life that has me so shook up. She's always been such a huge influence on me and she's so supportive of me - a rare thing around here.

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