Monday, May 23, 2005

Health problems

Last week was not the best I've ever had. I've been having some problems for the last few months related to my polycystic ovarian syndrome (if there are any men reading this, you can probably see where I'm heading ... feel free to check back in later :) ) . Serious fatique, unexplainable weight gain, ovarian pain, did I mention the fatique? I felt like I was trying to walk with a lead suit on. So I had a lot of tests run and it turns out I have all kinds of problems. They're all related to the PCOS in one way or another - insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, DHEAS deficiency, and a great big cyst on my ovary which may require surgery and a biopsy. Yuck.
Luckily, I've found out about all of this now when there are still things I can do to reverse most of it. It means I'm going to have to start taking care of my body. Something I'm not very good at. I've already started a few new habits that I seem to be sticking with like watching what I eat and trying to get some exercise everyday instead of just a few times a week. And hopefully, with this new medication, I'll have more energy to make more improvements. I want to be healthy enough to really run and play with my kids (and to have some more!) so that's pretty great motivation.
But in the end, what I've been thinking most about this week, is that this body - health - is not the end-all, be-all that we make it out to be. When I get HOME I'll have a new body - an immortal one without these problems. One that won't hold me back. So, while I feel like taking care of my body is important because it's a temple of my King and because He calls me to be a good stewart of the things He's given me, I'm not going to obsess about it. My God is more concerned with the state of my heart than that of my body and I should be too.

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