Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Making My Home a Haven - Wednesday

A new day! A good night's sleep (well, better than usual anyway!) helps so much. I woke up this morning with renewed determination to create a haven for all of us.
I plan to begin with a few minutes of prayer on my own...probably while I'm getting dressed. Then prayer all together - I think it helps the kids as much as it does me!
I am definitely, like Monica, staying home today. Hopefully, that'll give us all a chance to get caught up. I also plan on starting supper during my morning routine. Supper is probably the worst time of day lately...too much chaos while I try to cook and that spills over well after we all sit down. So today I'm going to make beef stew and bread during the day - no last minute cooking. And I think I will try feeding the baby early so he can just snack with us or maybe even just play with a toy.
And I need to catch up on chores - the laundry and the kitchen especially. But I also want to do something fun with the kids. I'm thinking maybe some apple cider outside and a little extra playtime.
So my plan for the day...
  • prayer
  • a peaceful supper, cooked ahead of time
  • lots of outside play in the fresh, crisp air
  • catch up on the laundry and clean the kitchen

then, as I have time....

  • complete our school plans for today (school will get done, but I won't stress if we don't finish every little thing on the plan)
  • make a menu for next week and a grocery list (Thur is usually grocery day)
  • clear my desk
  • do a science experiment with the kids


Tasha said...

Glad you had a better night's sleep. Even an extra hour for me helps.
I am going to take your idea and start my dinner early as well. It is crazy for me too if I don't get a handle on things around dinner time.
Enjoy your day and your haven.
We are staying close to home as well.

Clorissa said...

I'm glad to read that you had a decent nights sleep. I love that you came to the day with a renewed purpose.
Your day really sounds like it will be enjoyable.