Friday, January 29, 2010

Making My Home a Haven, week 2

Last week went much better. The kids are picking up their chores and the kitchen is clean. And I've been able to keep up with my daily Bible reading and prayer time. Our morning routine is really working even when I have to adjust for nightowl babies.
Last Saturday's plans were changed for me - that happens some times! - so I'll try again this week to have everything done for dinner and for church by Saturday afternoon.
Monica's challenge this week is about planning. My favorite! Stopping to think things through is an absolute necessity. The things that really start to grate on my nerves are usually the same things that I haven't taken the time to plan (or maybe I had them all out but something changed...these kids are always growing and changing on me). Several things around here could stand to have a little thought applied...
  • Meals...I do usually plan suppers, but I don't always stick to the plan. And lunches and breakfast need more planning, too.
  • Luke's nap...he's been napping in the school room with us, but he's beginning to wake a little too easily for that so we need to find him a new spot.
  • School...the basics of school are planned out for the rest of this year, but I do need to make copies, reserve books, and plan projects. The fun stuff. And I want to start thinking about next year and plan a planning day like last year.
  • Tea time...Brenna's asked me to have a tea party with her so we're going to make this a regular girls only time on Sunday afternoons (although the boys will still be able to snack on any goodies we might have). I think I'm looking forward to this as much as she is!

That should provide a nice, full week. I don't usually have any free time to sit and think, but since Casey's going to work earlier, I'm planning to use that time. I'll just have to write myself a list of things to plan!

Thanks to Monica for hosting this lovely series!


trillian125 said...

First of all, you're now planning to plan, and that's pretty cool. It must be where I get it from! And also, I cannot wait to teach them something over the summer, so you should plan to give me a subject to take over, or a specific topic you don't like too much.

Shannon@Idylwild said...

This is called pre-planning:) I'm so so SO looking forward to you visiting over the summer! We'll be taking time off from regular lessons so I want to plan a sort of unit study. I'll send you some ideas and see what you think. And we'll have to do some field trips! I can't wait!