Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting ready for baby, part II

Baby books alway have a list of things to do before you have a baby but I've noticed that they aren't as helpful as they could be and they're almost always written for first time moms. Some of these are things I've never seen in a magazine, but I'll be so glad they're done!

  • wash all the (boy!) baby clothes and baby sheet and receiving blankets

  • get the cradle all ready (make it up with layers - sheet, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, etc to make changing the bed in the middle of the night a little easier)

  • sterilize the breast pump just in case

  • pack a baby kit with nail clippers, infant tylenol, mylicon drops, thermometer, nose suction bulb thing, etc)

  • make a new baby carrier (I make ones like this wrap and pouches like this one - they're so easy!)

  • declutter everything I can find to declutter!

  • make a thank you note/birth announcement kit - something I can take to the hospital - with pens, notes, addressed envelopes, stamps, etc all in one place

  • pack a hospital bag with lots of little extras to make my stay a little more relaxing...especially takeout menus (hospital food is enough to make me want to take my iv and go home) and homemade granola

  • charge batteries for the camera and video camera

  • stock the pantry and the freezer with meals for at least three weeks

  • make plans for the kids (who will be with them and when they'll come to the hospital)

  • dig out some comfy non-maternity clothes to wear for those first weeks when nothing fits

  • move Christian into the big boy room and a big boy bed...I won't be able to lift him in and out of the crib and, by moving him before the baby's born we avoid the "who's this new kid taking my bed?" problem

  • start drinking red raspberry leaf tea

  • look for ways to boost milk supply

Well, that should keep me busy for awhile. But if anyone thinks of anything else they would do to get ready, I'd love to hear it.


nicola said...

you are organized! you must have to be with little ones all under 6 years! when is this little guy due?
how do you do it? we are really struggling with the decision of whether or not to try for #3!

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Nicola - I wish I was organized. It's just survival:) I'm due in early Sept with this new little one and I know it's going to take at least until then to get ready.
Three was a big transition for me - you have more kids than hands:) Well, well, worth it though!