Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still here...

It's been busy around our house lately. I seem to have just enough energy each day to get the absolute necessities done and then I crash. But I am feeling somewhat better than in the last few weeks. The house still has several areas that need attention, but a woman I don't know well used my bathroom yesterday and I didn't die from embarrassment. She had come with her husband to look at Casey's truck and they bought it. Since Casey cut out his side business, a truck isn't really a necessity anymore and with our family growing a bigger vehicle will be a nice change of pace.
I'm working on organizing lunch for our homeschool group's Easter Party. I've put meals together at church tons of times and I didn't expect this to be much different. But after I'd volunteered (read: opened my big mouth), I realized I had no idea how this group usually organized anything. We've been involved for about a year now, but we've never even been to a big get together with food. So I talked to one of the "founding members" and I think I have the kinks worked out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
In the meantime I'm juggling doctor's appointments for me, weighing the pros and cons of having the triple screen test, and getting ready for Easter. Oh and sorting the kids clothes - it's getting hot here!

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