Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got SOMETHING done!

The house was beginning to fall in around our ears. Between being sick (although not as debilitating as usual) and the exhaustion, the piles had started to pile up. Case in point, our bedroom...

Not exactly the peaceful retreat I had in mind. The corner chair and duck pictures are, ahem, not necessarily my style. They're very sentimental though and they make a nice corner for Casey when the chair isn't piled high with laundry. I have ideas for pillows and a throw that might help.

But for now I focused on the dresser. SO much better...

The vase is one the kids gave me for Mother's Day and the lamp belonged to my aunt - it's just needed a new shade. I've actually added just a teeny bit more - a blue and white figurine that plays my parent's wedding song (I'm not sure how I talked my mom out of that, but I've had it forever) and a porcelain baby doll that Brenna and I share. It's only a few inches tall and we like to hold it and talk about how big the new baby is right now. Hopefully it will survive until she's expecting her first baby and then I can pass it along.

With this project finished, I'm working on a few others in my bedroom and in the kitchen. I'm slower than usual, but it feels good to get something done:)

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Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I need to get something done, too! Better get to it.