Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The kids and I went to Veteran's Day celebration at the Georgia War Veterans Home. It was wonderful. First of all, the kids behaved. That alone usually qualifies as a win for me. But the ceremony itself was very moving and it was a great opportunity to talk to the kids about things that don't always come up in every day conversation. Levi asked lots of questions afterwards...we talked about POWs and amputations and sacrifice. They were all very impressed with the ROTC squad from the local high school. I was too, they were good.
Growing up in a military family, I think I'm especially passionate about our country. I still tear up any time I hear God Bless the USA. It was released (or re-released?) when my dad was in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War and I just don't ever hear it without getting choked up.
I was so proud when the M.C. called out the branches of service for recognition. After each one I would tell the kids which people in our family were or are in that branch. It helped the kids to put a face on what we were honoring.
I hope that I can pass my love for this country on to them. I hope that I don't let my own discouragement or disillusionment get in the way of teaching them what makes this country great.

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