Monday, December 10, 2007

My birthday boy!

Levi turned six today! I'm going to replace this picture tomorrow (edited to remove a precious picture of other people's children) with his official "on the steps" birthday picture, but some good friends (they must be good friends - I let them in my house even though it looked like a tornado hit it!) stopped by and this is the motley crew we wound up with on the steps. That's the birthday boy down front. I don't know where Jack's other sock went.
Levi had a boy's day with his friend Ryan on Saturday. We picked him up for a picnic at the park. Little did they know they'd find themselves on a secret mission! After playing for awhile and eating lunch they found a mysterious envelope addressed to Secret Agents Levi and Ryan (actually I used their last names, but I don't want to do that here). The note inside said that there was a birthday surprise waiting for them if they followed the clues. The next note led them to the pet store where we visited with all the animals while a very helpful salesgirl hid the next clue for me...that one led us to the library where we looked at all of Levi's favorite books until we found the next clue which led us to this fabulous little ice cream parlor where double scoops were waiting for them. I had actually planned a few other stops, but I didn't want to rush them and we were on a schedule so I cut a few things. I think it was long enough to hold their attention with out getting (as Brenna is wont to say) bwa-wing. They had a ball! What amused me the most about the whole thing is that it never crossed their minds that I might be behind the whole thing! They went through a list of every person they'd ever met trying to guess who the other "secret agent" might be and my name was never even mentioned! So, I'm either a truly gifted actress, or (more likely) so completely uncool that I'm not "secret agent" material.
I just simply can't believe that my baby is six already. When I started this blog he was just barely three, freshly out of pullups. Now he's all about Transformers and science kits. He promises he's never getting married - never going to leave me, but I have a feeling I won't be able to hold him to that.


Amy said...

Shannon, I was so excited to hear from you--another Georgian! :-) I do live 30 miles south of "the big city," but have been to Milledgeville--such a quaint town. Oh, the "perfect" church--that's what we're in search of--that's for certain--but have not found. Yesterday I was so homesick I thought my heart would break but then stopped to realize that I am homeless! LOL In my heart, I guess. Not at home here but neither would I be at "home" in KY even if we went back now (literally if my hubby didn't have a job!) Okay, okay, I'm gonna stop wrting on and YOUR blog! I will look forward to getting acquainted!
In Him,

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Amy - I know just what you mean about being homesick. Growing up as an army brat, I was always homesick for Georgia. But you're right, we're all really waiting to go HOME. And really, I think that's what we're homesick for...that perfect Home where everyone is family:) STill, though if y'all come by this way again, give me a holler:)