Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Creating a Birth Plan for a C-section

I really meant to do this before Jack was born, but I didn't have as much time as I thought since he made an early appearance. I did have a few things in mind that I wanted to do differently. Unfortunetly, there were a few complications (unending nausea for me and some breathing issues for him) that threw a wrench into my plans.
This time around I'm trying to think things through and develop a plan. AND put it in writing. I may need Casey or my mom (or my Grandma like last time!) to go to bat for me if I'm a little out of it, so having it written down seems like a smart plan. The first time around I had such specific ideas, but nothing went according to plan. I wound up feeling very out of control and disappointed (when I should've been feeling extremely grateful!). I'm a lot more flexible these days! A ceserean birth is pretty complicated so if things come up I'll just have to roll with it. But, there's no harm in planning, right?
One big thing is the kind of anesthesia I want. So far I've had three c-sections with three different types of anesthesia - general with Levi because it was an emergency, an epidural with Brenna that took three tries and was extremely painful to get, and a spinal block with Jack that was easy to get and worked like a charm. The epidural did have one charm - I got to keep it for the first twenty four hours. It was great to be able to get up and walk around with no pain and I didn't even notice any afterpains. However, the tape holding it on to my back left whelps when they pulled it off - very painful for about a week. The spinal just worked better for me. It was easier and faster and less painful.
And then there's the catheter. Forgive me for being indelicate, but this is a big issue for me! I don't want that thing near me until after the spinal I hope it's not a problem because I will be ugly about it!
I want to see the little guy as soon as they pull him out this time. I almost got to see Jack right away, but, just like a boy, he started peeing everywhere as soon as he was born (marking his territory perhaps?) and they had to pull the curtain back up pretty quick. I'd also like to slow down and spend a few minutes with him before he's whisked off to the nursery. It just never seems like long enough.
From the operating room, it's back to recovery for a long boring hour. I really, really want the baby brought to me back here. They allow a visitor or two, but I'd rather have the baby! It would be so nice to have a little quiet time to nurse him before they move me to a room. If there's a good reason why they can't bring him to me in recovery, I think I'll aim for a little quiet time in the room before visitors start pouring in. I love having everyone there - it would break my heart not to have all our family there - but I don't like to put off that first feeding. I might just have to be a little selfish this time and keep the baby all to myself for a little while:)
Well, that's the plan so far. I'm sure I'll be adding to and updating over the next few weeks as I do more reading and thinking.
Next I need to think about what to have waiting at home!


Anonymous said...

I fully recommend having a plan!! I think it makes it easier having a c-section scheduled (you don't have the what if? factor). I had my 4th c-sec in May (1-"emergency", 2-tried VBAC then "emergency", 3 & 4-scheduled (I type "emergency" because it wasn't scheduled but it wasn't a true emergency like in Father of the Bride Part 2)). #3 I wanted hubby to cut the cord b/c he didn't get to do that before and my ob/gyn let him! But hubby really didn't care so he didn't with #4. #3 I didn't get to see him in the operating room b/c I was turned the other way throwing up right as they brought him by. I was VERY upset. I made sure I got to see #4. I too liked the spinal, had that for 3 & 4. I love the catheter b/c I don't have to get up to go potty!! I hate the IV. #2 was brought to me in recovery b/c she was SO hungry - they asked if I minded trying to feed her, I didn't mind but it was a little awkward lying there.

Praying all goes well,

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Jennifer - I'm so glad to hear from someone else who's had four sections. Certain family members act like I'm stupid to have more than 2, but so far my doctor and I are in total agreement:)
My only worry about nursing in recovery is that whole trying to do it flat on my back thing. I do want to try it asap though because I have some bleeding issues and nursing is supposed to help with that.
Thanks for the encouragement!