Sunday, September 24, 2006

Monday - Health goals check in

It's been a few weeks since I checked in and that's because...(big surprise) I fell off the wagon. Being sick and having sick kids and a few other stresses were just perfect excuses to soothe myself with food (and, if you've eaten a bag of pizza rolls and drank a couple of cokes, why bother exercising, right?). But I have renewed my committment and the fight goes on:) I have spent a lot of time praying about this especially over the last few days and it's finally sunk in to me that I'm addicted to eating. Not to food - to eating.
See I was thinking about why I don't drink alcohol. It's not because I think it's a sin - I don't. If Christ drank wine, that's good enough for me. I do believe drunkeness is a sin, but that's a whole other topic. Anyway. The reason I just don't drink is that I have a family history of alcoholism and I've always wanted to avoid even the possibility of being addicted to alcohol. And, by His grace alone, I have. But I seem to have replaced drinking alcohol with eating. When I've had a stressful day, I literally can't wait to sit down and "snack." If I'm out of something I want to eat, I'll make a special trip. That's right, for a coke and chips I will load up three kids and face the grocery store. Now if that's not addiction, I don't know what is!
So once again I'll have to call on my Father. I just. can't. do. this. by. myself. I need the strength to turn away from the temptation. I need the peace only He gives when my day has been long. I need to rest in Him, not at the dinner table.


Dawn C said...

Oh ((Honey,)) I know that you know that you know that all other things are shallow and tasteless compared to the Lord.

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord - may He indeed fill you afresh and satisfy the longing of your heart.

Post this to prayer, will ya??!! (Please?) :)

Shannon said...

I will, Dawn. This a hormonally bad time to try to give anything up - but I did make it through the grocery store without the crutch foods mysteriously hopping in the basket:)

Holly said...

Shannon! That's exactly why WE don't "do" alcohol. SAME reason. I have seen so much difficulty with a family member...not that it is sin in and of itself...but I just can't even go there. I really like how you explained it. just keep pluggin' away, girl. You're going to do fine. Get back ON the wagon. :)

Shannon said...

Thanks, Holly!